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 About the Blucapoo
The Blucapoo is a designer dog.  It is a blend of a pure bred cockapoo male and a pure blue heeler female.  The Blucapoo takes on the family friendly human-like personality of the cockapoo along with the lighting quick intellect and understanding of verbal commands.  

These are family friendly small dogs that will grow to up to 20 lbs and are about 20" tall full grown.

The father of the first known Blucapoo is Bonzai.  He is a a cockapoo, otherwise known as the most popular designer dog for is super-friendly human like behaviour.  They are known as human dogs because they choose a human to admire and will become a support do to that person.  They would prefer to sit on that noted human's lap until the next meal.

The cockapoo breed is a valuable designer breed that blends two of the smartest and most loving breeds - The Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel.  Both are listed as Top 10 breeds for human understanding.

The Blucapoo is a beautiful blend of two of the most attractive and smartest dogs to create what just may be -quite possiblyv-vthe world's cutest puppy.

The Blucapoo breed exemplifies the following characteristics.

People Loving
Kid Friendly
Markings and Appearance
Blucapoos have the unique appearance of black and white fur with their feet and tails seemingly dipped in white.  Most blucapoos exhibit a superman like white badge on the chest.  They can also exhibit dipped noses and streaks down the back of white, or a peppered white/gray mix.  
Energetic, Easy to Train, Protective of Boundaries, Obedient, Quiet

The Parents
Father of Blucapoo
The Smiling Dog

Bonzi & Izze

Training Tips
Early training with small treats will produce an obedient dog who will quickly pick up on calls,
fetch, sit, stay and even shaking and rolling over.  Early training with positive reinforcement is the key.

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